Friday, October 28, 2011

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Friday, September 2, 2011

MIJM Top Excecutive members Declared to Celebrate AL-AQSA DAY in next year itself.

MIJM students conducting meeting in institute regarding celebrate a ramzan on 31st august 22 students and 4 top MIJM exceutive members are participate in that meeting. in that meeting MIJM exceutive members Discuss with students about future plan of TAARIQ Daily news paper and also journailsm institute. now our MIJM old and new students join and publishing monthly twice paper "TAARIQ" last feburary 4th itself. every ramzan last friday world muslim organization celebrate as AL-AQSA day, that same way insha allah
MIJM top Excecutive members declared to celebrate AL-AQSA day  next year with students in tamilnadu..

Friday, June 17, 2011

MIJM students decide to Launch 24*7 web channel.

         MIJM first Anniversary celebrate in coimbatore on june 3rd. MIJM old students and other students are Participate in this celebration. MIJM legal advicer Mr. muneer Addressing welcome speech. after his speech MIJM public relation officer Mr. jaffer gave a excellent speech to students topic is Todays Media and Corruption, in our MIJM institute is shortly opened in chennai.and other District madurai and Dindugal processing is going on he says in his speech. After his Speech MIJM old student Safi gave advice to the new students and Explained previous work of old students.
1) In my class days students are very intrested to read books,
2)And we planned to launch a monthly twice news paper "TAARIQ" it will issued in one friday to another friday  free of cost.   
3) Now our friends are Decide to launch a 24*7 web channel, for first step we launch a 24*7 news blogspot, the work is on the process. we select the name
              he says in his speech, and he invite a new students to complete this project.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Admission open for Diploma in journalism

        MIJM institute is run by the students for the poor people. in our institute celebrating first certificate issuing function in Coimbatore on 3rd may. first batch 13 students completed his journalism course, while in his course the students are practising journalism and publishing magazine. they are trained in Indian law, basic pshcology etc. mohammed yousuf who was the Director MIJM and the Editor of  TAARIQ monthly news paper Addressing welcome speech, in today the media are creating Bias and Propaganda now a days most of the international and national media is corrupted, Media is failed to telecast a Real news.. Eg: Osama bin laden Death? America is failed to give proof  for the Death, America released Osama death Photo but it is fake, they  blamed Pakistan is the Terrorist country, Still people did'nt know about the structure of Army and intelligence agencies. In every Year April 1st celebrate fool day. in this year America Celebrate Fool Day with Osama's Death. this is one of the "Media War" we have to Prevent people in this propaganda. so we have to launch a New Media even Print As well as Electronic media, He said in his Welcome Speech.
              Mr Mohamed who was the chief guest for our MIJM institutie, he was lived in QATAR in more than 25years, he gave a Excellent Speech for new journalists about the World media war, and he gave some ideas to prevent a people in Media War. After his speech he issued Certificate and Gifts to the Students. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

MIJM students launch a monthly twise newspaper.

   Modern institute of journalism & mass communication started in September 2010 in coimbatore, Tamilnadu. more than 20 students studying in our institute, today our students launch a monthly twise news paper(tamil language) in coimbatore, this news paper is Run by MIJM students for the people. this news paper is free of cost.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reporters must be follow a basic procedure in War zone.

Rules and regulation follows by reporters, in our practicle class MIJM lecturers taking brief class about the reporters must be follow a rules in different types of field. Eg: noraml news field, protest field, War field.

a) normal news field
    the reportes or journalists can collect the news in free mind manner, most of the journalists are like these types of field without any tension. this type of field can suitable for special interview or news making.

b) protest field
    in these type of field reporter or journalists must be alert, journalists must be analized what types of protest this is, it will permission or non-permission protest? reporters must be verified. Eg:
   who can protest
   where you can protest
   how you can protest
   what you have to do before you gather
   what you have to do during your gathering
   what happens if you or anyone else breaks the law.

c) War zone field
         this type of field is totaly different from other types of fields, it is very dangerous many of the journalists are losts his/her life in that field. journalists must be known basic knowledge about weapons like what is AK47, bullets, rocket launcher etc.

journalists must be avoid these in Danger zone:
◆ Make sure your clothing is not
military style. Do not wear

◆ Remember that cameras can
be mistaken for guns.

◆ Flash photography may be
taken as weapon flash.

◆ Camera lenses, glasses,
buckles on belts, shiny patent
leather, watches (turn them
around) can flash in sunlight.

◆ Camera lights attract attention
from a long way off,
particularly at night.

◆ Lit cigarettes can be seen
from a long distance and may
attract snipers.

Friday, December 31, 2010

MIJM offers free online journalism course..

     Aim of our institute is motivate the students to study journalism, for the first step MIJM offered a free online journalism courses for who can interested to become a journalists in future, name of the course is Diploma in journalism (1 year) we cannot charge for this course, we will give excellent couching with Expert who was in the field, we will send some journalism books( Tamil & English), Id card, all are send through couriers, classes are taken through email, there is no age limit or Qualification are not required. Course complete Certificate are send through courier. Those who can interested to study and practising journalism can apply this course,
Procedure for joining Diploma in journalism course:
a) send your Bio-data with photo

more information contact :yousuf: 9003084585,
visit :